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Why The Campus Way?

Students are seen as unique and taught accordingly

Your student has unique learning strengths and weaknesses.
That is why we offer personalized education. We cultivate independent thought and place an emphasis on the building of character.

Your student has unique strengths.
Many of you have grown weary hearing about the negatives — the weaknesses and failures. Your student is a whole person with their own specific gifts. You need someone to value your student as a whole person and to reinforce the good.

We take a holistic approach to teaching

Our educational setting is intentionally structured.
In this small, intimate setting, your student will receive more attention both relationally and academically. We provide a variety of activities for a rich student life experience.

We want to help your student achieve his or her potential.
This is why our school day looks different. We have cut out busy work, we have shorter school hours, and one day a week of electives only. We also allow students to pursue outside interests to earn elective credit. We are all individuals and differentiated learners, so formal education must be flexible.

Professional, Caring Staff

We employ qualified instructors who embody our core philosophies, display character, personality and integrity. Our teachers enjoy teaching and care about their students as whole people. The Campus methodology naturally eliminates adversarial relationships inside the classroom.

One of the ways we meet your student’s educational needs is by offering a variety of program options. Take a look!

The teachers at The Campus know how to teach me the way I learn.


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