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Application Process

The Campus has a “rolling” admissions policy.

This means that we accept applicants throughout the year as openings become available. In the event we are unable to place your student after our prospect meeting, we may be able to place your student on our waiting list. In addition, we offer other programs that may be viable alternatives while you wait for an opening.

If our approach to education sounds refreshing to you, you can apply here!

  1. Call to schedule a prospect meeting at 770-632-1710.
  2. Please bring a transcript to the prospect meeting. We must meet a student before we can accept him/her. Some parents prefer to spread that over two meetings.
  3. Prospect Meeting. After the prospect meeting, allow two to four business days for our team to make their recommendations. You will be contacted in person by phone or email. Our recommendation will be based upon:
    • the likelihood that we can meet your student’s need,
    • space, scheduling, course options and
    • program option that best meets the need of your student
  4. Meet with our Financial Administrator to discuss payment options.
  5. Withdraw from present school and enroll into The Campus. (Please bring withdrawal documentation with you when you enroll your student.)

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