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Middle School

Welcome to The Campus Middle School!

Middle school is an important period of learning and development. Here at The Campus Middle School, we work hard to foster a sense of belonging that makes each student feel valued.

We create an environment that promotes a love of learning. Our students learn to think for themselves and to see that their value comes from within. Through enjoyable and educational activities, our instructors focus on meeting students where they are.

We value each student’s unique personality and develop a learning plan that works for him/her. Our ultimate goal is to help our students reach their full potential.

We focus on character building, as well as academics. To encourage personal growth in our students, we focus on treating others with kindness and volunteering in our community, including our ongoing partnership with the local Midwest Food Bank.

Our small class sizes allow us to spend quality time with each of our students. Time is one of our most valuable resources and can make the difference in a student’s success. We spend much of our time at the middle school getting to know your student and his or her unique motivations.

Students become the best student and adult versions of themselves when they are given an environment where they can truly think, learn, and grow.

Corie Plott
Middle School Director

Finally, my child WANTS to go to school.


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