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High School

Welcome to The Campus

The Campus is more than just an educational option. For many, it is a holistic community of support. Our prospects become part of The Campus family and thrive under our guidance and instruction. We believe that learning is innate in all people. We find the motivations in our students, cultivate it and use their natural skills to grow their learning. It is a partnership between the school, students, and parents, which is why we have a 90% retention rate.

We provide personalized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles. This gives us freedom and flexibility with assessment, teaching styles, and classroom philosophy.

For example, each student’s cognitive and physiological development is taken into consideration when being placed into our programs. Our administrative team personally builds each student’s schedule for optimal success.

We cultivate independent thought and promote the building of character. Traditional academic achievement is valued, but not the only measure of success. It is our goal to supplement your student’s academic experience with opportunities for character growth. Watching our students move on, equipped for their future, is how we measure our own success.

We hope you will reap the benefits of our school.

Naomi Duncan
Assistant Director

You taught me how to work hard and why it’s important, how to respect myself as a woman, and most importantly how to believe in myself.

Lecture Based

Our middle school and high school day programs consist of a variety of tracks, including Monday through Friday classes and Monday through Thursday classes. We maintain a low student/teacher ratio in our Lecture Based Program. The average class has a ratio of 9 students to 1 teacher. The Campus enriches a student’s learning with smaller class size and more overall support. Lecture based classes are able to offer flexible but limited accommodations to IEP students.

Small Groups Based

Small Groups placement is an option for students who need a smaller student/teacher ratio in a specific subject. On average the ratio is 7 students to 1 teacher. Small Groups focuses on building relationships with other students as well as the instructors that help to facilitate an inviting atmosphere for learning. Each student will work on the subject that is individual to them with instructors who help guide and supplement the curriculum. If a student is excelling in one area, they have the liberty to work faster. Similarly, if a student is struggling, they have the opportunity to slow down. Whether a subject is being recovered or taken for the first time, Small Groups will be able to offer more accommodations for students who need them.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups was created for students who need an even more differentiated environment than other programs. Focus Groups offers an array of accommodations and modifications for students who are diverse learners. Students who need the most one-on-one educational model would benefit from Focus Groups.

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