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The Campus Way: Think, Learn, Grow

What is The Campus Way?

Our mission at The Campus is to provide personalized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought and promotes the building of character.

The Campus is a creative educational model that works; philosophically unique, tested over time, and so innovative it has been written about in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The New York Times. Students at The Campus are treated as individuals with unique educational and intellectual strengths. Each student is encouraged to discover what he or she is capable of and then to pursue it.

Our programs are designed on principles we believe are an integral part of every student’s success

  • The desire to learn is an innate quality of human beings.
  • Each student has unique talents and strengths that can be used to accommodate or overcome weaknesses.
  • Success is the path every individual follows to his or her personal best.
  • Classroom instruction should connect to the real world.
  • Learning is the ultimate goal of education. Learning and memorizing are not the same.
  • Grades should measure and reflect understanding, not compliance.
  • A relationship should exist between character and consequences and this leads to moral development.

For over 20 years The Campus has been identifying and fortifying our students’ strengths.

The Campus Way, at its core, is finding the most ideal class style, daily structure, overall support and partnerships for each student who walks through our doors. All students are unique in their learning and development so why, in most educational settings, is there only one model for success? We recognize that genuine success relies on something intangible that is normally not measured by standardized testing. We provide an array of educational options for our students that allows them to reach their full potential. It is the mission of The Campus to blend academic excellence in the standardized sense with this intangible idea we call purpose.

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