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The Campus is a private school, fully accredited with quality, with a variety of enrollment options to meet our students’ needs. Our mission is to provide personalized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character.


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The Campus is a new idea that works! Students are treated as individuals with unique strengths and deficits and encouraged to discover what they are capable of and pursue it.

The Campus is education with heart.


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A holistic approach that builds purpose 

At the Campus, we see our students as whole people. We definitely care about their academics, but we also care about their interests outside of school and their overall social and emotional well-being. Student Life provides a way for our students to connect with their peers, build relationships with their teachers, and cultivate personal awareness.

The Campus Experience

“My son’s entire attitude has changed about school. Prior to The Campus, he begged me to let him quit school! Now, I think he actually looks forward to it.”


“I knew I was smart, I just couldn’t concentrate in a crowded classroom. Having only 10 in my class has really helped, and the teachers are able to give me more attention.”


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